UAE Disaster Recovery Services

Your data is priceless, protect it with live backups

Bad things often happen when you need them least. An important day, an important visitor, close of accounts or processing that huge order… but then disaster strikes, systems go down and data is lost. Days, weeks and months of work are wasted. Business is affected. Some business never recover.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We provide specialist Disaster Recovery Planning in Dubai that work in unison with your existing systems giving your business the cost effective ability to survive a disaster with little or no downtime.


Downtime Cost Calculator


Assumes 75% of employees and 33% of revenue is affected when downtime occurs. Staff overheads calculated as salary plus 33% for gratuity, holidays, rent etc.

Why You Need Disaster Recovery

Let us handle your server backup requirements

  • Protect revenues
  • Compliance & Due Diligence
  • Continue doing business
  • Seamless operations with failover
  • Data stored & accessible in the UAE
  • Virtual machine replication
  • File replication & snapshots
  • Remote backup location
  • Secondary domain controllers
  • Encrypted IPSEC VPN between your office and our data centre

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Tailor Made Disaster Recovery Planning

We match your requirements and budget

Our plans are flexible and offer tailor made solutions depending on your infrastructure, tolerance to downtime, line of business, number of employees. Since we are located in the UAE onsite consultancy can also provide to give you the very best in disaster recovery solutions.

  • Backup data size (total size of your data)
  • Backup frequency (30 seconds, 5 mins, 15 mins)
  • Database technologies (SQL, MySQL, Oracle)
  • Backup retention (days)
  • Bandwith requirements (used for backup sync)
  • Number of Physical servers
  • Number Virtual machines
  • Virtualisation Platform

How our Disaster Recovery Works

Multiple backups of data and hardware

Our UAE Disaster Recovery service works by integrating with your systems, offering a remote storage facility and disaster recovery service in Dubai for your important systems, files and databases.

We support Microsoft SQL server Enterprise clusters, MySQL clusters, Always-On replica’s and database log shipping. Should you need to restore your data on-site quickly, we offer a door to door backup delivery service for your onsite restore.

For customers with private cloud infrastructure we also provide snapshot replication with Hyper-V and VMware replica, offering remote snapshots every 30 seconds, 5 minutes or every 15 minutes all connected over a secure VPN IPSEC tunnel.

Backup Methods

We offer the following forms of backup:

  • Hyper-V Replica's
  • VMware Replica's
  • Installable Agents
  • rSync and SFTP Space
  • DFS/R Distributed File System
  • SQL Availability Groups
  • Replication every 30 seconds, every 5 mins or every 15 mins
dr replication

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