Popular entry level Dedicated Server in Dubai
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Dubai Datacenter
2 x HDD (Configurable)
4 x 3.2GHz Xeon Cores
8GB RAM (32GB max)
99.95% Uptime



Flexible fully Dedicated Server in Dubai
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Dubai Datacenter
8 x HDD (Configurable)
6 x 2.4GHz Xeon Cores
8GB RAM (384GB max)
99.95% Uptime



Powerful Dubai based Dedicated Server
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Dubai Datacenter
8 x HDD (Configurable)
12 x 2.4GHz Xeon Cores
8GB RAM (768GB max)
99.95% Uptime



High performance Dubai Dedicated Server
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Dubai Datacenter
8 x HDD (Configurable)
16 x 2.4GHz Xeon Cores
8GB RAM (768GB max)
99.95% Uptime

Dubai Dedicated Server Features

The ultimate fully dedicated server available in the UAE

Expertly Managed Dubai Servers

With our managed SLA Let our team of experts look after backups, security updates, health and security monitoring, and take reactive and preventative maintenance as required to ensure your server stays online.

Low Latency UAE Hosting with 10ms Ping

Having your dedicated server on the UAE backbone you will enjoy latency up to 40 times less than servers located in Europe and the USA. This means a better user experience which generally translates directly into increased sales and revenue.

Enterprise Grade DELL Servers

We only use DELL PowerEdge servers with RAID battery backed disk arrays. Put simply, downtime is hazardous to wealth - that's why we put the best quality hardware to keep your site and application online.

Dubai Server Key Benefits
  • Extreme Power
  • Optional Management
  • Data within the UAE
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Managed Firewall & VLAN Options
  • Quality DELL Hardware

Enterprise UAE Dedicated Servers

Ultra reliable servers in Dubai that your business can rely on

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Secure Control

For administration each server comes with encrypted iDRAC IP KVM for direct console access to your hardware, including the control and mounting of ISO images on demand.

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Daily Backups

Have peace of mind with our automatic daily backups of important files and database dumps, with our managed services will have everything safe and sound just in case.

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With our managed SLA option we use enterprise monitoring systems to keep watch on your server health around the clock and to plan preventative and reactive maintenance.

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Security Patching

Let us take care of all security aspects of your hosting platform with our managed services, including: patching web, database, and operating system files with latest feature and security updates.

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Multi-Level Security Management

Expertly managed security services

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Managed Firewall

With our managed firewall service we will filter traffic through a manged firewall according to your specific rules and requirements.

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Private Networks

With VLAN technology you can connect multiple servers securely on your own internal private network, with a front end firewall in place controlling all traffic.

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As part of our managed service we offer centrally administered and monitored 24/7 by Sophos End-Point Security, one of the world's leading security vendors.

Managed Plus Option

We go beyond hosting with other value added services

Keep everything ticking over like clockwork with our optional fully managed hosting service. We will maintain and update your website for you, so you can leave the worrying to us.

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Advanced Security
  • Daily Site Malware Scans
  • Emergency Backup Restore
  • Blacklist Removal Service
  • Frequent Daily Backups
Application Assistance
  • Setup of Apps, Scripts
  • Setup of DNS & SSL
  • E-mail & FTP Client Setup
  • Performance Reviews
Managed Wordpress
  • WordPress Upgrades
  • Theme Customizations
  • Plugin Installs
  • Content Edits & Additions

A selection of 18 services that save you time, stress and money

Choice of Every Major Operating System

Configure your server to your exact requirement

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Dedicated Server Hosting in Dubai

Powerful dedicated servers from our Dubai data center

Trusted Experts in the United Arab Emirates

Our combination of quality service and trusted team of engineers means we are one of the UAE's most trusted hosting solution providers operating in Dubai serving customers from banks, car manufactures, forex trading firms and international retail brands.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

We only use quality DELL servers with enterprise storage that we own. Our networks are fully redundant both in to the data center and interconnections to the rest of the world. By focusing on quality, we are able to provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Low Latency with Dubai Servers

When providing hosted applications, latency is one of the most important metrics that dictates performance - we are only a few hops away from customers in the MENA region. Customers choose apps that are agile and responsive, and as we know more customers means higher sales and revenues.

Key Benefits
  • Lower latency and quicker page load times
  • Data kept locally within country
  • We are aligned to your time zone
  • Local company and easier to deal with
  • Ready for rapid growth in the region

Compare our UAE Dedicated Server Plans

Flexible Dubai dedicated server packages and options

Value Premium Pro Ultimate
Intel Xeon CPU 1 x 3.4Ghz Quad 1 x 2.4Ghz Hex 2 x 2.4Ghz Hex 2 x 2.4Ghz Octo
Cores 4 x 3.4Ghz Xeon 6 x 2.4Ghz Xeon 12 x 2.4Ghz Xeon 16 x 2.4Ghz Xeon
Enterprise Hard Disks Yes (Configurable) Yes (Configurable) Yes (Configurable) Yes (Configurable)
RAID Controller Hardware RAID Hardware RAID Hardware RAID Hardware RAID
Standard Memory 8GB DDR3 8GB DDR4 8GB DDR4 8GB DDR4
Configurable Memory Up to 32GB Up to 384GB Up to 768GB Up to 768GB
Monthly Bandwidth Configurable Configurable Configurable Configurable
Dedicated DNS Cluster
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
DELL Enterprise Grade Hardware
Data Center Location UAE (Dubai) UAE (Dubai) UAE (Dubai) UAE (Dubai)
Managed Services
24/7 Technical Support
Daily Backups Optional Optional Optional Optional
Managed OS Platform Optional Optional Optional Optional
Managed Security & Updates Optional Optional Optional Optional
Managed Plus Applications Optional Optional Optional Optional
Monthly Price from 1695dhs from 2895dhs from 3299dhs from 3995dhs
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated sever is one that is accessed solely be one customer - unlike a cloud server, all available resources are exclusive. This allows for consistently high performance and with higher levels of security, and makes for a far superior server choice for those who need the ultimate in processing power. Dedicated servers are perfect for businesses with more traffic, hosted applications or those who wish to build their own server clusters.

Another supplier is cheaper, why should I choose you instead?

To reach the lowest price often means sacrificing quality and using unreliable equipment. We serve businesses that understand the need for quality over simply the lowest price. With us, your selected product is backed by a team of technical experts managing your systems, a decade of hosting experience and enterprise grade stability. If your business needs support, reliability and stability, then we outshine other providers.

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